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We are a family business.  Keith and Joyce raised their three kids in rivers so they know first hand the connecting power of these overlooked places. Keith is an outdoor educator, underwater naturalist, photographer and writer. He was the founding director of education of one of the Nation’s largest outdoor education programs, and led that effort for 15 years. He has worked with the US Forest Service to start river snorkeling programs in National Forests across the country. He has snorkeled rivers all over North America and has led thousands of people on river snorkeling explorations. His second book on river snorkeling is due out in 2020. Joyce is an artist, talented educator, experienced outdoorswoman
and angler.  Keith and Joyce started running eco-tourism trips together in college.
Together they make up the core of the Freshwater Journeys team.

Keith Williams is a master of the art of armchair adventures. Through his energetic presentations and lively photography and videography, Keith takes underwater explorers -- young and young at heart -- on a subsurface adventure of discovery to standing-room-only crowds. From slide to slide, you feel as though you are there, in the moment, face-to-face with a world accessible to few, and you are one of them partaking in the exploration of underwater river treasures.


- Carol Parenzan, Middle Susquehanna Riverkeeper

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