We often perceive that there isn't much to see beneath the surface of our rivers and streams, but once we look underwater, a whole new amazing world appears. Fish of all sorts of colors, shapes, and behaviors live in our freshwater ecosystems. The streams themselves create otherworldly breathtaking streamscapes, and we get to witness incredible ecological feats, such as thousand-mile fish migrations. Creek and river snorkeling brings all of these things into view.

Snorkeling our rivers and creeks is an excellent way to experience streams on their terms from beneath the surface, and it is the vehicle to adventure, challenge, beauty, and discovery right in our own backyards. You don't need to travel to exotic places for adventure and discovery. You just need to snorkel your local stream.

Snorkelhead is the perfect introduction to the growing sport of river snorkeling. Experience the thrill, danger, excitement, and discovery that can be had in your local stream. All you need is a mask, a snorkel, and an appetite for adventure. Underwater naturalist Keith Williams endures wintertime ice, springtime floods, and summertime rapids as he travels the East Coast to explore and discover the underwater world of North America's rivers and streams. Snorkelhead brings you along on his adventures. Contains more than 30 full-color photographs.

Adventures in Creek Snorkeling